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    Each club in France is equipped with a tennis school, a passage almost necessary to claim to access the game of tennis in full autonomy. Place of life, exchanges and play, the school of tennis is in some way the barometer of the club. Dynamic, playful and recognized as effective, it reflects the good health of the club as a whole. Conversely, low a ... Lire la suite / Read more

    2016-10-04 18:52:01
  • In the new book Match Colors - Published imminent

    New Book For Cooleurs Match - imminent Publication How to approach learning with competitors? All answers in the new book by Olivier Letort written jointly with Arnaud Le Cloërec "Cooleurs THE GAME" Release scheduled early July 2016. Lire la suite / Read more

    2016-06-28 14:33:45
  • Enhance the tennis teaching profession - Why? How?

    Enhance the tennis teaching professionPourquoi  ? Comment  ?L'identité «  Prof de tennis  » est très inégale en matière de réputation. Dans un monde où fleurissent régulièrement de nouvelles offres plus attirantes en apparence (bien souvent), notre profession se doit de réfléchir pour maintenir (ou retrouver) un statut digne ... Lire la suite / Read more

    2016-02-25 10:47:55