Each club in France is equipped with a tennis school, a passage almost necessary to claim to access the game of tennis in full autonomy. Place of life, exchanges and play, the school of tennis is in some way the barometer of the club. Dynamic, playful and recognized as effective, it reflects the good health of the club as a whole. Conversely, low awareness only highlights the difficulties of the moment.

    If the training center (sometimes called a fairly competitive center) attracts the attention of the greatest number of tennis players (institutions, leaders, teachers, parents and therefore children), it should not be forgotten that the tennis school Is the starting point for any player in the making, where the core of a teacher's profession makes sense. To abandon this basic cell is to refuse the audacity and the pleasure of the transmission, essential values ​​for the longevity of the club. In order to learn anything, one must first give envy, regardless of the rank, diploma or experience of the teacher. As Jacques Piasenta (illustrious athletics coach) puts it, "the energy, the passion deployed by the trainer in the educational process, an area where the value of a speech is not related to the status of The statement ".
    Some strong ideas that emanate from successful experiences and recognized principles of learning can serve as a guide and thus position the needle of the barometer in the direction of the beautiful fixed ... just the time of the questioning that is necessary and permanent.

    Identified needs
    The children come to play tennis. So you have to serve them tennis and as a game and not as repetitive exercises that make no sense to them. To serve with success and in less than 5 seconds a child who has never played tennis is easy today so why deprive him and at the same time put him off?
    Through play, children need to measure their progress to make sense of their investment. They progress in relation to themselves and not in relation to the group. Being aware of its progress is essential and rewarding in the learning process.

    Escaping traditional tennis with a stake and performance
    Simplifying the game of tennis (without denaturing it) is a guarantee of success and pleasure. Making a tournament on 11 meters (purple field) offers the guarantee to interest all levels of practice, the reverse on 24 meters is not true. Who can most can the least. Multiply the game formats is an enrichment that rhymes with motivation, success and pleasure. The game without a stake. The game is a source of inspiration and imagination, the rules set a framework but escapes give this freedom which gives the game its full dimension synonymous with progress in the learning process.

    Successful learning
    Failure is part of learning, but success is the key to learning. When the child discovers walking, he starts by holding his parents' hand to secure himself. Then, attracted by the desire to arrive there alone, he releases his hands and then falls because the balance remains precarious. When it is on the ground, it no longer works. The mechanical learning of the walking stops and does not resume until the child starts walking again, etc ... until the complete autonomy several months later.

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