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Tennis Cooleurs, for 30 years, has given me the opportunity to meet hundreds of teachers, especially through training.

Questions, upheavals, multiple questions, etc., this vision of teaching challenges, surprises, baffles, with each time the same questions: - How will I be able to set up the Tennis Cooleurs in my club?

- How will this be perceived by parents, by children, by leaders?

- Is this possible with adults leisure?

- Can I approach it and in what form with the competitors?

If the concept is based on logic, concreteness and common sense, these questions are quite legitimate in view of our training scheme that has remained very traditional. But society is changing and practices are changing.

The teaching profession does not escape this change. It is from accounts of experiences that certain tracks are offered to all players of tennis: teachers, managers, players. Play, success and fun on all floors, this is the spirit of this book by showing that it is often enough to want to do. If in addition to envy and passion invite themselves to the appointment, Tennis Cooleurs will push the limits of the impossible.

Some find nothing in everything, others find everything in nothing.

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