Tennis couleur
Tennis Cooleurs - What is it ?

In the extension of mini tennis, Tennis Cooleurs is a teaching concept acting simultaneously on learning and competition (the Game).


Everyone likes to succeed, progress and wants to quickly get to the essence of tennis:

  • the game,

  •  exchanging balls with a partner,

  •  count points


Learn by Playing! Pedagogy of success and pleasure.

1989 : Initial research on environmental planning, carried out in Ile-de-France. They consisted of studying the learning and practice of different sports disciplines in children aged 8 to 10 years.

1991 : Establishment of an adapted tennis experience (evolutionary tennis) in a club in the Paris region. It concerned children and beginner adults. The concept of "Evolving Tennis" has been finalized.

1997 : First experiments of the concept with negative players and 1 ère série.

2000 : The Evolutive Tennis becomes the Tennis Cooleurs.

2002 : Experimenting the first Tournaments "Cooleurs" en Franche-Comté in France.